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If you need help, contact the supportdesk!

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If you're an existing Vendor on other markets feel free to contact us over our SupportCP to ask for a free trailVendor! For datasellers: Digital products will be delivered automaticly by our system! Feel free to explore!


All Transactions are secured with our multicoin escrow system. The marketfee is 4% and we accept BTC or XMR, no direct deposits!


We have different emergency plans to keep the market for a long long while online. Also is any order on our market PGP ENCRYPTED by vendor specific public pgp key. EXIF DATA OF IMAGES IS REMOVED BY THE SYSTEM! We do not log any ips or sessions, we use proxytechnologies to hide our real servers. For more info check our supportforum!

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PolyLimited Level 1
DoktorBob Level 1
EdekaDrugs Level 1
GermanDesign Level 1
barillapov Level 1

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